BetEasy live streaming for NBA and Australian horse racing

explaining BetEasy's live streaming service that allows members to watch every NBA match and every Australian horse race

Australian betting site BetEasy allows you to watch free live streaming of every Australian horse race and all of the NBA basketball action. Best part of all, this streaming service is free to use once you become a BetEasy member.

How to qualify for free live streaming

Once you are a registered member of BetEasy, you only need to satisfy one of the below conditions to enjoy free live streaming:

  • Have registered a new BetEasy account within the last 3 months
  • Or, have a positive cash balance in your account

Unlike some of BetEasy’s promotions, residents of every state in Australia can view the live stream of NBA and horse racing action.

BetEasy NBA live streaming

banner explaining BetEasy's live streaming service of every NBA match

BetEasy members can watch every minute of US basketball action from the NBA on their desktop or mobile app for 2019 / 20 season. The live stream service also includes the NBA playoffs and finals.

How to watch the NBA

Watching all of the NBA action could not be easier, we outline the process below:

For desktop:

  • Navigate to the homepage and you will see the live streaming window in the bottom left of the screen
  • It defaults to live racing, so click on the basketball tab
  • The streaming window will automatically start showing live vision
  • If there is no live match, the window will show the upcoming NBA matches

For mobile viewing:

  • Download the latest version of the BetEasy app for iPhone or Android
  • Navigate to the ‘Live all’ tab
  • Scroll through the fixtures to find the game you want to view
  • Select ‘Watch live’ to start the live stream

BetEasy live streaming of Sky Racing

Unlike Bet365’s live streaming service, BetEasy members can watch every horse, greyhound and harness race in Australia via the website or app. The live streaming of Australian racing is effectively free, you only need to have funds in your account or to have recently opened a new BetEasy account.

How to watch races live

We outline the process to gain access to BetEasy’s live racing vision.

  • Login to your BetEasy account or register a new one
  • You will notice the Sky Racing live vision window in the lower left corner
  • The window defaults to small, click on either ‘M’ or ‘L’ to enlarge the screen
  • You may need to click the play arrow if the vision doesn’t start of its own accord
  • Live racing streaming is also available on the app and mobile site

BetEasy live streaming FAQs

Can I live stream the NBA from outside Australia?

No, you must be located within Australia to view the stream.

Is the Sky 2 channel also available with BetEasy?

Yes, both Sky 1 and Sky 2 racing channels are available, you can navigate between both.

Do I need to place a bet to access the live watch service?

No, you need to be a new member (within 3 months) or have funds in your account.

Is international racing vision available with BetEasy?

Yes, live streaming of Irish and UK racing is available if it is broadcast on the Sky channels.