Betfair sign up bonus

In the competitive Australian bookmaking industry, offering incentives like bonus bets has become standard practice to attract new customers. Despite operating differently to the traditional corporate bookies, Betfair has conjured up an appealing sign up bonus for prospective members. All winnings made during the first 7 days of the account’s operation will attract a 20% bonus up to a maximum of $500. The free amount will be paid in cash. For example, $2,000 in winnings will be matched with a $400 cash reward. Importantly, if there is $2,000 in winning bets, and $2,000 in losing bets, meaning the member has made no profit, the bonus will still be awarded.

$500 Winning bonus
New customers can earn a 20% winning bonus up to $500.


How to claim your offer

  • Create a new Betfair account. You must be a first-time member and register a new email address.
  • Receive your promo code for one time use.
  • Place qualifying bets during the first 7 days of membership. Any winnings will attract the 20% reward.

Details of the offer

  • The maximum bonus amount is $500.
  • The bonus is applied to any winnings made during the first 7 days.
  • The bonus will still be paid on winnings even if losses outstrip the winnings.
  • There are no turnover requirements on the free bonus fund.

Betfair promotion code

Potential members should use the following promotion code when registering a new account. This will ensure the correct offer is applied to the account.

How does Betfair’s bonus stack up?

Compare bonuses

While Betfair’s $500 sign on bonus is a very appealing offer, it is different in nature to the new account free bets offered by Australian bookmakers. Many bookies offer a bonus bet to match the first deposit or first bet amount; for this offer, Betfair is paying a 20% bounty on all winnings generated during the first 7 days of the account. Whilst, this may appear less competitive than other bookmaker offers, the flipside is that the bonus is applied in cash, and once it has been awarded, it can be withdrawn without having to turnover the amount. It’s an innovative offer from the leading exchange provider and definitely suits punters that are comfortable placing larger sized bets.

Who qualifies for the bonus bet?

The free bonus is available only to new Betfair customers. They have extended the offer as far and wide as regulation allows, including New Zealand. They are, however, prohibited from offering the deal in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

graphic showing states where residents are eligible for Betfair's bonus

The verdict

Betfair is the only licensed and registered betting exchange provider in Australia. In fact, they are the largest exchange in the world. They operate differently to the other Australian betting providers. While Betfair have opted for a slightly different form of sign up bonus, it is nonetheless a great offer. In itself, the offer is perhaps not enticing enough on its own to warrant setting up a Betfair account, however, there are many other benefits that a Betfair account can bring, as documented in our review.