BetEasy App Review

BetEasy has been taken over by Sportsbet. When you log into the BetEasy app, you will be redirected to the Sportsbet app. Many of the features available with the BetEasy app are now available with Sportsbet.

Betting apps are becoming increasingly popular as the industry moves to become more mobile based, so getting the betting app right is massively important. In this review you will be able to see what features it has, how to download the app and also the positives and negatives of the app.

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Betting App Features

Most betting apps in Australia consist of the same features. Due to gambling laws, there are some slight restrictions to what they can and can’t offer. For this reason, these betting sites and mobile apps decide to be extremely competitive in the areas that they are allowed to cover. So, you will find a range of Australian bookmakers all with similar features but are different in how well they provide certain services to their customers and that is what is key to look for. When seeing what features the BetEasy app offers, it is about seeing how well they offer that in comparison to other mobile betting apps.

BetEasy is an extremely user-friendly betting app. This term can be used broadly, when we say user friendly, we mean numerous things. Firstly, we are talking about how easy it is to navigate, which is something we value massively. Betting apps should be kept simple and easy so that customers can navigate their way around the app without any hassle and this is what we look for. The app is replicated to look like the betting site, so if you are familiar with that, you will be familiar with this. You have your menu section which consists of all of the sporting markets, betting options and other pages. You have your live betting section and also upcoming fixtures that you can quick bet on. Don’t forget your betting slip with all your bets on and also other selections that you like the look of. Just like the Bet365 app, everything is labelled on the app to avoid any confusion.

The app also has some very unique features that you can experience. Some of these features not many other Australian bookmakers can provide. For example, live streaming. BetEasy allows you to live stream particular sports events straight through the app! All you have to do is place a wager on a live streaming event and then when the event begins, you will then be able to stream it. This is an excellent way of watching sports on the go. It means that you won’t miss out on the action if you are out and about. You are able to livestream racing from Sky 1 and Sky 2, sky racing is massively popular amongst Aussie bettors along with other sports such as NBA, where they are actually an official NBA partner.

If you do have any difficulty navigating the app or you need some assistance, you can contact a member of team using their support methods, which include live chat, email support and also telephone support. There are also a range of different payment methods that you can use to withdraw and deposit funds to and from your betting account. This can also be done via the mobile app.

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BetEasy App Download


Downloading the BetEasy app is so easy that even a newborn could do it. Well maybe not a newborn but you understand that it is plain and simple. You can download the betting app across numerous mobile software. In order to download the app, you will need a smartphone or tablet device. You can find out how to download it below. The app is free to download as well!

BetEasy Android App


Android betting apps are massively popular. It is one of the biggest mobile platforms for these types of applications and there is a BetEasy Android app to target those using this mobile software. In order to download the Android app, you do not follow the typical methods that other apps provide. You are not able to download the app on the Google Play store and therefore in order to download the app, you must do it through the betting website on your mobile device.

BetEasy iOS App


For those of you unaware, if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod, then your device operates on iOS software. This is massively popular and an extremely reliable piece of software. In order to download the app, head over to the iOS app store and search for BetEasy. Download the app for free, which also doesn’t take up much storage space and then find the app on your home screen. Create an account or log in and you are then free to roam the app.

BetEasy App Pros & Cons


There are a lot of positives to be taken from this betting app and also a few possible negatives depending on how you like to play.


  • Easy to navigate and great layout.
  • Aesthetically pleasing app.
  • Fast loading speeds and also has a multi express option.
  • Range of rewards available for existing customers.


  • Need verification for live streaming NBA.


Overall verdict

To conclude our thoughts and opinions on this mobile betting app, we would recommend this app to players that are looking for some excellent sporting markets and also want to live stream certain sports. In that aspect they are unique and recommendable. However, there are also other apps that can offer this which you might prefer. It is not the best betting app known to man but certainly is excellent. It is worth a try and we think that you should take a look over it yourself and make your own judgement. The app is appealing on the eye and there are some great features. Perhaps the only down side is that there are some minor aspects that create annoyance, which you can find listed under the cons section above. Nonetheless try it out today and get betting. If you are a new customer, register today so that you can access betting offers on horse racing! We also provide a range of betting tips for sports to make you more confident when it comes to pacing sports bets. BetEasy is a bookmaker that specialises in horse racing, so if that is an important market to you, then placing a racing bet with this bookmaker would seem a wise decision. But don’t rule out the rest of BetEasy’s sports, they also provide great betting odds for other sports and markets like in play betting.

BetEasy App FAQs

Does BetEasy have an app?

Yes. BetEasy has a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

How can I download the BetEasy Android app?

You can download the BetEasy Android app by visiting BetEasy and registering an account. Once you have done that, you can download the Android app from their website.