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Established in 1993, Sportsbet has been operating in Australia for over 20 years. They have withstood the test of time and not only survived, but flourished. Today, Sportsbet is the largest corporate bookmaker in Australia. The Irish powerhouse bookmaker Paddy Power invested in the company back in 2009; a few years later, they upped the ante and completed the acquisition of Sportsbet, in an effort to further expand their reach into the Australian betting market. Flutter Entertainment then bought out Paddy Power and is now the owner of Sportsbet.

Currently, Sportsbet is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and boasts over 250 employees. They have effectively established a brand that speaks the language of Australian punters, which along with their penchant for delivering value-add member features, has contributed markedly to their success in Australia.

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Overview and rating of Sportsbet

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User Rating: 3.58 ( 3 votes)

There are numerous benefits associated with a Sportsbet account, these include: free live streaming of sports, a horse racing black book service, tipping competitions, and fair-go refunds.


Both the Sportsbet app and android provide an efficient and pleasurable experience for members. More than 50% of member transactions are placed using these devices.

Eligible members can participate in bet promotions from Sportsbet each week. These promotions are not available to NSW and WA residents.

Sportsbet provide an array of horse racing and sports betting products. Racing goers will rely on the Top Fluctuation and Tope Tote Plus to deliver maximum value. Asute punters should recognise that unlike major rival Ladbrokes, they do not provide the Best of the Best product.

Years ago, Sportsbet lagged behind their competitors in terms of delivering the best value odds. This is no longer the case, their AFL odds are as competitive as any other bookmaker.

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 2 reviews
by Trent on Sportsbet
Don’t use SP

Happy to take your money when you are losing but as soon as you start wining they will set bet limits and there site starts glictching. I have never had an issue with the TAB. Would not recommend to a friend.

by Barry on Sportsbet
Sportsbet protest payout

This has saved me twice in the past 12 months!


Membership highlights

Fair go policy – Sportsbet often refund customers’ bets where extraordinary circumstances have resulted in their selection not being given a fair chance to win.


Sportsbet promotions

Sportsbet provides a selection of betting promotions for their eligible members. Please be aware, Sportsbet’s promotions are not available to residents of New South Wales or Western Australia.

Sportsbet live streaming

Live streaming is available with Sportsbet on a range of sports and horse racing events. You can view live Victorian and South Australian horse racing, NBA matches, selected tennis and ice hockey events. Sportsbet live streaming is free to account holders provided you have funds in your account or have placed a bet within the past 24 hours.

Astoundingly fair policies

Sportsbet understands the struggle and frustration of the punter who has been robbed. They have gone above and beyond to ensure fairness and to “give punters a fair go,”. Their justice refunds payout members that are victims of extraordinary circumstances, such as a Brownlow Medal favourite becoming ineligible due to suspension. They even pay out cash early for bets that are considered a lock, sometimes at the expense of their bottom line, if the selection subsequently loses. Add these policies to the industry standard protest payouts on racing bets, and you have one heck of a fair go with Sportsbet.

Sportsbet's fair go policy

Sportsbet cash-out

Sportsbet cash out product

Betting with Sportsbet invests heavily in its online presence. They feature the latest technologies to help members get the most out of their experience. Website features include: live in-game betting, a suite of mobile apps, a f