Ladbrokes bonus bet

In an effort to attract new members in the Australian market, Ladbrokes is offering an incentive to all newcomers in the form of a $250 bonus bet. They will match first bet amounts, dollar for dollar, when a customer register a new account with them. This is the Ladbrokes sign up offer, it differs from the promotions that they provide to existing members. One big advantage of this offer is that the bonus can be split into smaller free bets. For example, a first wager of $200 will qualify a new member for a $200 gift from Ladbrokes, which can then be used as four separate $50 bonus bets.

Ladbrokes Australia
$250 Sign up bonus
New members can receive up to a $250 bonus bet when they register a new account with Ladbrokes.


How to collect the bonus

  • Register for a new account online at
  • Deposit, then place a qualifying bet in order to receive your benefit.
  • Win or lose, collect a bonus equal to your initial deposit, up to $250.

Highlights of the Ladbrokes offer

  • Offer is a matched first bonus, meaning that your first bet affects the reward amount.
  • The bonus can be split into smaller free bets (maximum of 4).
  • The maximum benefit is $250. A wager of $250 is required to qualify for the full amount.
  • The bonus bets must be placed on selections where the odds are greater than $1.50. promotion code

When registering a new account with Ladbrokes, users will be prompted to enter the following coupon code that will activate the bonus.

How does the offer compare?

Compare bonuses

If you visit the home page of our site, you’ll notice there are free sign up bonuses from many Australian bookmakers. Whilst it is easy to compare bonuses by the amount of each offering, there are other considerations that may affect the inherit value of the incentive. The Ladbrokes bonus is about mid-range in terms of the amount on offer to new customers. The highest inducement in Australia is $500, offered by William Hill. The second point of comparison is the consideration type; Ladbrokes is offering a matched deposit reward, a more favourable type of bonus. Only Unibet offers a matched deposit free bet that is more advantageous because the bonus stake is returned. Lastly, the Ladbrokes new account bonus bet does compare favourably to other betting sites due to the terms of the offer that allow the reward to be split into smaller prizes.

How do you qualify for the bonus bet?

Unfortunately, the bonus bet promotion does not extend to SA, NSW, VIC, or WA where regulations prevent Ladbrokes from offering any form of sign on inducement to residents of these states. Eligible residents then simply need to register a new account and place a qualifying bet. For more information on Ladbrokes Australia can be found by reading our review of their operations.

bonus eligibility graphic

Other freebies offered by Ladbrokes

Aside from Ladbrokes’ $250 sign on bonus, there are many other promotions and free services offered by the brand. Among these promotions is the MegaMargin sweepstakes, available via mobile, that boasts a whopping $1 Million payout for one lucky winner. They also offer incentives on various events like enhanced odds, a lowered price points for the first 1,000 customers who take advantage of a deal, Best Tote + 20%, or big odds on certain players. Their website features daily promotions that we publish for your convenience.