Betfair promotions

Betfair, the world’s largest betting exchange, tailors betting for Australian residents. The best thing about Betfair is that they provide the best value odds without the need for price boosts or other forms of promotions. You can sign up to Betfair via the link below and access features likes the Betfair SP.

Visit Betfair to get the best odds in Australia.


How to register

  • Create a new Betfair account. You must be a first-time member and register a new email address.
  • Deposit funds if you plan to bet.
  • You’re ready to go!

Account highlights


  • The odds are better!
  • Place lay bets to secure profits derived from other promotions.
  • Use hedging strategies to minimise risk and lock in profits.
  • Read the content on the Betfair Hub from professional exchange traders.

Let’s compare Betfair?

Compare promotions

While Betfair doesn’t provide any weekly promotions like other betting agencies do, the betting exchange does provide a vehicle to benefit from those promotions. By laying off bets on promotions like double your winnings and price boosts, you can reduce risk and look to generate a small profit. This type of strategy is only available if you are betting using promotions and laying off bets with Betfair.

Betfair promos FAQs

Is the Betfair promo code still valid in 2020?

No. There are no valid Betfair promo codes that will give you a bonus bet in 2020.

Does Betfair offer any betting promotions?

No. Betfair does not provide any betting promotions.

How can I join Betfair?

You join Betfair today and arbitrage bookmaker betting promotions and get better odds.

More about Betfair

Betfair is the only licensed and registered betting exchange provider in Australia. In fact, they are the largest exchange in the world. They operate differently to the other Australian betting providers. While Betfair doesn’t provide regular promotions at this point in time, there are many other benefits that a Betfair account can bring, as documented in our review.