Betstar promotions

If you already have a Betstar account, and you are not a resident of New South Wales or Western Australia, then you may be eligible to participate in a range of betting promotions. Really, though, Betstar provides very few betting promotions and you are better off considering Unibet’s promotions, if you are eligible, as you will find better opportunites.

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How to register

  • Register a new account by visiting Betstar.
  • Deposit funds in order to start betting.
  • Log in to your new account and navigate the wagering options.

Betstar Protest Payout

Betstar offers a Protest Payout promotion, as does nearly every other Australian online bookmaker. The Betstar Protest promotion operates in exactly the same manner as PointsBet’s offer, if your horses loses the race on protest, you will be paid out as a winner.

Betstar upheld promotion

Promotion code

There is currently no Betstar promotion code available.

The verdict on Betstar’s promotions

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Some more about Betstar…

Betstar offers its members a fine bookmaking service. Their suite of racing bet types is as good as any offered by any bookmaker operating in Australia; over time, these products deliver great value. They provide the ‘Protest Payout’ promotion on every Australian horse race. They also run the popular ‘Pick Your Own Field’ and ‘Favourite vs Field’ products. Further information on their service offering can be found by reading our Betstar review.