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Spread betting provider PointsBet does not provide a sign up bonus to new customers. PointsBet does however provide betting promotions to eligible account holders. You can view PointsBet's current betting offers below.

If you reside in New South Wales or Western Australia, you are not able to access PointsBet promotions or indeed promotions from any other bookmaker. For your convenience, our platform has blocked them from view on this page.

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Current PointsBet offers

How to register a new account

  • Register to become a new member with PointsBet.
  • Make an initial deposit into your account.
  • Verify your ID and start spread betting.

PointsBet Protest Payout

PointsBet provides a Protest Payout promotion to all members. If your horse wins a race but then loses on protest, you will still be paid out as a winner. This account feature works in the much the same way as Sportsbet Protest Payout promotion. The protest payout product is a nice little piece of insurance against plain bad luck!

PointsBet Protest Payout promotion

PointsBet promo code


There is currently no promotion code available with PointsBet.

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PointsBet bonus bets FAQs

Does PointsBet offer a sign up bonus?

No. PointsBet does not offer new customers a sign up bonus.

Does PointsBet offer customers any promotions?

Yes. Eligible customers can participate in betting promotions with PointsBet on horse racing, NRL, AFL and American sports events. Residents of NSW and WA are not eligible for these promotions.

About PointsBet

PointsBet is the only spread betting provider licensed and regulated to operate in Australia. To merely describe them as a spread betting agency is to sell them well short; PointsBet doubles as a fully-fledged online corporate bookmaker. Not content with just making up the numbers, PointsBet has embarked on some heavy advertising and promotional activities reminiscent of Bet365’s entry into the market.