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Sportsbet can no longer offer sign up bonuses due to federal legislation that outlaws betting inducements for new customers. However, eligible account holders of Sportsbet can participate in betting promotions and offers from Sportsbet. For your convenience, we publish these account offers on this page.

Residents of New South Wales and Western Australia are not able to partake in any of Sportsbet's promotions. If you are browsing from either of these states you will not see any offers, as a our geo-targeting software removes the content.

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Sportsbet Protest Payout

Sportsbet was the original provider of the now commonplace Protest Payout promotion. The promotion is available on all metropolitan horse racing meets in Australia and provides the you with insurance against any post race protests. Put simply, if you have backed the first horse past the post, you will receive your winning payout, regardless of whether or not the stewards reshuffle the official finishing order of the race.

Sportsbet protest payout promotion

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It’s not necessary to enter a code when you register a new account with Sportsbet.

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Sportsbet promotions FAQ

Does Sportsbet offer a sign up bonus for new customers?

No. Sportsbet is not able to offer sign up bonuses to new customers under Australian law.

How can I access Sportsbet’s betting promotions?

If you are eligible, you can access Sportsbet’s promotions by clicking here.

A little background on Sportsbet

Sportsbet has been operating Down Under since 1993. Today, they hold the distinction of being the largest corporate bookmaker in Australia. The Irish powerhouse bookmaking brand, Paddy Power, first purchased a stake in the company in 2009, before acquiring the brand in full. Flutter Entertainment has since bought Paddy Power is Sportsbet’s new owner. Our Sportsbet review reveals that they are one of the leading bookmakers in the country for servicing both new and existing members.